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ICFAI: A Game Changer In The Field Of Higher Education

ICFAI, has been a premium business school for more than 3 decades. Here's a glimpse into the institution that provides world class education:

One of the most powerful tools for empowering individuals and communities is making certain that any individual who wants to receive a quality education can do so.

-        Christine Gregoire

Education stands to be one of the most important aspect of an individual’s life, as it enables them to pave the way for a successful future. Every nation strives upon the success of its population. Although education cannot be quantified, what defines quality education is the student’s holistic growth. The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts in India or as what it is commonly called as, ICFAI, is one of the oldest and finest institutions in India, which has been a pioneer in imparting high class quality education to millions of students over the decades.

ICFAI was established in the year 1984, with the mission to nurture each batch of students to become world class leaders. They are imparted with specialized skills to deeply analyse a problem with an unique perspective. The students are enabled to deal with every responsibility – be it moral or social, with a broad mind. ICFAI has been making headlines for over three decades for its unbeatable record in the field of higher education.

“ICFAI is known for quality education because right from the beginning, we always looked at the quality aspect. We looked at quality in the curriculum and quality in the teaching materials that we provide. That is one thing ICFAI has always been known for.” - Dr. Debapratim Puryakastha, Dean, ICFAI Case Research Centre

One of ICFAI’s most unique features, has been its case research centre, which has developed over 6500 case studies, over the years. The numbers are only second to Harvard Business School, that is a globally acclaimed premier institution for business studies. Case studies are the core of any MBA program, as it allows the students to apply problems into real life situations.

ICFAI provides numerous post-graduate and under-graduate courses which are aided by inclusive technology to improve learning in students. There are 11 universities, 7 Tech Schools, 7 Law Schools and 9 Business Schools run by the ICFAI Society across India, that accounts to almost 20 campuses set in 17 states.

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