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UNBELIEVABLE: Pak PM Imran Khan's Nephew Abuses Driver & Kicks His Car In Road Rage Video

In yet another embarrassment for Pakistan PM Imran Khan, his nephew -Hassan Khan Niazi on Friday, was caught on camera misbehaving with a driver after road rage

In yet another embarrassment for Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, his nephew -Hassan Khan Niazi on Friday, was caught on camera misbehaving with a driver after a road rage incident. Visuals show an angry Niazi snatching the driver's car keys, kicking the car before the police officials intervened. He is then seen leaving the scene in fury, returning to his car.

Pak PM's nephew road rage caught

Defending his own act, Niazi then took to Twitter to claim that he was punched and his car was hit. He added that he then called security and filed a complaint about the issue. Slamming a few Pakistani media for only playing the news, he tweeted out his version of the events.

SHOCKING: Pakistan PM Imran Khan's nephew caught red-handed vandalising a police car

Pak PM's nephew spotted vandalising in Lahore

Previously, on December 11, Niazi was spotted along with a group of lawyers who were allegedly vandalising a police car in Lahore. The video shared by a Twitter user shows that Niazi, a lawyer by profession, accompanied a group of black and white coat-clad men who were seen allegedly attacking a hospital in Lahore. The attack was a part of the ongoing clash between lawyers and doctors of Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC).

Pakistan police raid PM Imran Khan's nephew's home in hospital attack case

Lawyers target PIC Hospital in Lahore

Reports state that the violent confrontation between protesting lawyers and doctors of PIC has left 12 dead and many injured. The hospital which was the target of the confrontation has suffered severe damages as lawyers allegedly broke windows of the ICU wards and several medical pieces of equipment. Hospital staff has reported that at least 12 patients in critical condition have died and as many as 25 have suffered injuries. Aghast at the violent turn the ongoing protests have taken, Niazi took to Twitter to condemn the attack on the Hospital by lawyers.

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Pak police raid Niazi's house

Consequently, on December 13, the Pakistan police raided Niazi's home in connection with the attack. However, Niazi was not present at his residence when the police raided his home, as per reports. Niazi had stated that he only wanted a peaceful protest and wanted to initiate legal action against the doctors who were allegedly involved in the attack.

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