Seven Tips For A Better In-Flight Experience And To Ease Long-Haul Dread


Travelling abroad but dread that long-haul flight hangover? Here are some tips which would give you a better in-flight experience!

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It's been four hours and the plane is already closing in on you. The long duration is taking a toll on you - physically and mentally. You feel nauseous, light-headed, drowsy and just want to get out anywhere as soon as the flight lands. Sounds familiar?

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Now, put your worries aside as here are seven tips to ease that long-haul hangover and give you a better in-flight experience!

1. Clothe Comfortably

Loose and comfortable clothing is the best. Opt for something you feel homely in and are easy while sitting on. Nothing's worse than ill-fitted jeans or a top you constantly have to check on a long journey. Dress in layers so you can adjust the clothing according to the temperature. Pack in a pair of socks to keep your feet snug and warm as it can get really cold inside the plane.

2. Snack Light

All those restaurants at the airport are surely tempting, but that's about it. It is best to avoid eating something right before your next flight. But if the stomach rumbles, opt for something light, preferably 30-45 minutes before boarding. It gives time to your body to ingest the food and you would avoid nausea associated with taking off or during turbulence.

3. Sip Water

The 'bleed air' circulating inside the aeroplane is dry. Up to 8% water is lost from the body due to respiration alone on a 10-hour flight. This would surely parch you, significantly causing dehydration and dizziness. Skip the trouble and sip on water all through the journey. Avoid caffeinated drinks or alcohols as those would dehydrate you further. 

4. Don't Chew Gum

Contrary to the popular advice of chewing gum to avoid motion sickness, avoid the gum altogether during the flight. Chewing gum makes the facial muscles work twice as much than it normally would. The overworked muscles could stress you even more. Also, chewing the gum continuously can further dry out your mouth in an already dehydrated environment.

5. Move About

The muscles in your legs can get cramped up due to inactivity following long hours of sitting in a fixed position in a small space. Walk around the aisle to stretch those a tad bit and get the blood flowing. Take this as an opportunity to strike a conversation with a fellow passenger. You will for sure to feel a lot better!

6. Breathe, Relax

Take a deep breath. Try and relax. Don't let the 'thought' of 'long flight' overwhelm you. Try and engage your mind in some other calming activites like listening to music or watching a lesser active movie. Avoid activities which require attention as that would put added strain on the brain. Flying at 35,000 feet, the brain is under a lot of pressure already!

7. Doze Off

Don't forget to pack a jacket or a shawl and a neck pillow (inflatables work the best) in your carry-on bag. You can even ask the flight attendant for a blanket. Cosy yourself, close your eyes and doze off. Nothing works better than sleep. And you won't know how time flies as the flight flies!

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Keep these tips in mind and those long hours in the flight won't be dreadful anymore. Happy Journey!

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