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Afghanistan: Saleh, Massoud Arrive In Panjshir Valley, Boost Spirit Of Northern Alliance

In videos accessed by Republic TV, Afghanistan's 'caretaker' Amrullah Saleh, Ahmad Massoud of anti-Taliban front led by Northern Alliance are in Panjshir Valley

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In the latest videos accessed by Republic Media Network, Afghanistan's self-proclaimed 'caretaker' Amrullah Saleh, Ahmad Massoud as part of the anti-Taliban front led by the Northern Alliance were seen in Panjshir Valley. The Valley was in the international bulletin, owing to its ascending resistance against the extremist takeover by the terror organisation, the Taliban. Previously Saleh, in association with the anti-Taliban front led by the Northern Alliance, had been amassing resistance forces and recruiting young militiamen from Kapisa, Parwan, and other provinces. The recruits are further trained by commanders of the Afghan Forces in the Saricha area of Panjshir where the Republic Media Network crew got access.

Amrullah Saleh and Ahmad Massoud reach Panjshir to boost resistance forces' morale

In a bid to counter the Taliban's exhaustive presence in Afghanistan, the Former Vice President of Afghanistan, Saleh, along with National Resistance Front of Afghanistan leader Ahmad Massoud arrived in the hilly region of Panjshir Valley. In the video, both anti-Taliban front leaders are seen arriving in the Valley while trekking the mountain region. 

Experts have commented that Saleh's arrival in the Valley will boost the spirits of resistance forces as ammunition and morale are two integral pillars of any military. While speaking to Republic Media Network, Major General (Retired) SP Singh stated that by virtue of the physical characteristics of Panjshir Valley, it has perennially been next to impossible to invade the region. He explained that even in the 1990s, the Taliban did not succeed in triumphing the region, given the highly ranged mountains from three ends. Furthermore, Singh elucidated that even the Soviet invasion could not reach the Valley because of the topography of Panjshir which provides the sole 'narrow route' for entry. Notably, Panjshir Valley continues to be the only region whose reins are not in the hands of the Islamist fundamentalist group. 

Anti-Taliban resistance at Panjshir Valley

The Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, which is at the helm of the anti-Taliban resistance, has once again handed a thrashing to the Taliban fighters and prevented them from entering the Panjshir valley. The members of the terrorist group attempted to enter Panjshir through the Sanjan area of ​​Kapisa province, however, the fierce retaliation by the resistance forces resulted in heavy casualties of the Taliban. The Taliban, as per sources, thereafter sent its units from several near and far locations to the Valley to hold up and reinforce the siege in the region, which is Afghanistan's last remaining holdout against the Taliban.

On August 26, the 'caretaker' President Amrullah Saleh's statement to Republic Media Network holds relevance. He had said that the resistance force is ready to take on the Taliban militarily.

" If they don't agree to our conditions and choose to take the military path, then we too are prepared," Saleh had said.

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