Antonio Guterres Addresses UNGA Summit, Calls For More Accountability

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The UNGA Climate Action Summit began today with the opening address of the UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres. Global warming remained the key focus

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The United Nations Climate Action Summit began on September 23, with the opening address of the UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres. In his opening message at the UN Climate Action Summit, Antonio Guterres spoke about various issues surrounding climate change. Addressing global leaders at the conference, he called for people to provide solutions and taking accountability. He insisted that urgent actions had to be taken, as that is the right thing to do. 

'Protecting the planet is our responsibility'

Emphasizing on the importance of using technology that is readily available, the Secretary-General stated technological substitutions exist already for more than 70 per cent of our current emissions. He also spoke about how people of his generation have failed in their responsibility to protect the planet, and that a change in attitude is inevitable.

"We are loosing the race against Climate emergency, but, it is a race we can win. The climate crisis are caused by us and the solution must come from us," UN General Secretary, Antonio Gutterres   said.

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Emphasis on limiting Global Warming

Talking about the sudden temperature rise witnessed by major European countries this year, he said, "We have the imperative, undeniable irrefutable science. The best science according to the intergovernmental panel on climate change tells us that any temperature rise above 1.5 degrees will lead to major and irreversible damage to the eco-systems that support us."

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Based on scientific reports he stated that it is not too late to limit temperature warming of 1.5 degrees, and added that was very much possible. To reduce Global Warming, a fundamental transformation is required in all aspects of society. Starting from how food is grown, consumed, usage of land, fuel for transport, and power economies.

During the address, global leaders were asked to link climate change as a new model of development. 

"Fair globalisation with less suffering not just disharmony between people and planets," he said.

'The biggest cost is doing nothing': Antonio Guterres

Quoting an action to start work towards climate change, Guterres said, "Dear friends, there is a cost to everything but the biggest cost is doing nothing. The biggest cost is subsidising dying fossil fuel. The biggest cost is, building more and more industries and, building more coal power plants."

He urged the governments across the world to stop investing trillions of dollars to fossil fuel industries which further lead to a boost in hurricanes and spread of tropical diseases.

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