Aquarius Horoscope Today: Overview And Predictions | November 10, 2019


People born between the dates January 21 to February 20 are Aquarius. Aquarians are known to have an easy-going attitude usually. Read the daily prediction.

Written By Mishka Menon | Mumbai | Updated On:

What to expect today?

The vagueness of the day shall seem unsettling. Although, in the latter half, the day shall proceed to unfold an unexpected situation that asks for an impromptu decision to be taken. You reach self-realisation by the end of the day that helps you see life in a totally different prism.


It has been rather tough for you to admit your loss lately. You must know that winning an argument should never be a bigger priority than your relationship. Garner love by being available. A little spontaneity shall not do harm. Make romantic gestures to make your partner feel valued. Let go of the insecurities and embrace the relationship as it is. 

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The day shall seem slow and ordinary at first but shall gain pace by the end. You get into an unnecessary argument with a colleague. It is indispensable that you guard your tranquillity above all. You agree to shoulder a responsibility that shall help you grow professionally. A new project sees the light of the day. Maintain good relationships at your workplace to ace the professional sphere of life.

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Despite the fact that your plate has been rather full this month, step out to grab some fresh air. Your lethargic attitude shall affect harshly on our health. Choose the stairs over the elevator and fiber over fats. To stay in the pink of health, increase your physical activities. In the slightest of discomfort, it is highly recommended that you visit a doctor. Being reckless about your well-being shall not serve you well.

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You undergo a financial crisis that leaves you hampered. Yet you overcome it gracefully, courtesy the savings you've kept aside for a while. Look through the financial telescope to see the bigger picture. Weight the pros and cons of all your actions and only them make any financial decisions. An unattended pile of important financial paperwork demands attention at the earliest. 

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