Scorpio Horoscope For January 1, 2020 | Scorpio Daily Prediction


Scorpio Daily Horoscope involves the ruling planets, Pluto and Mars, while the symbol is a Scorpion. The element is water. Read the overview of the day here.

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People who belong to the zodiac sign of Scorpio are known for their determination. They are highly independent individuals and they work diligently. They try to build something unique by putting their creative skills to use. They do not believe in parties but rather believe in staying alone and spending quality time. Read on to know what your stars and ruling planets have for you for January 1, 2020.

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Scorpio – What to expect today?

The ruling planet of your sign, Mars, is in such a position which will give you success and financial growth. Keep moving forward with vigour and relentless efforts. Discipline and self-control are requirements throughout the day.


If your relationship is working well then you are protected by powerful planets. It is possible that one of the biggest hurdles you could experience in your love life. A happy ending or outcome awaits, and your heart will be gladdened in ways it has not been before.


Chances of promotion are also being made for employed people. The presence of Mars will create some favourable conditions, which will give you a lot of beneficial results. Also, the change of Saturn will increase your confidence.

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Your health will tend to be quite good today. The only exception is that you may tend to lose old things, like old glasses, old clothes or old good and bad habits. The health of older persons around you may suffer and you may find your focus to be on them.


Domestic life will consist of peace and harmony today. Your performance at your workplace will bring your family pride and happiness. Sour relationships within your family will take get sweeter today. Be at your best with your family and let relationships blossom. 

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