Heart Health: Dr Panda Says One Should 'never Give Up On A Patient'


On the occasion of World Heart Day, Republic TV spoke to Doctor Ramakant Panda to discuss issues pertaining to heart health further elucidating his journey.

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On the occasion of World Heart Day, Republic TV spoke to Doctor Ramakant Panda to discuss various issues pertaining to heart health. On being asked what his learnings were throughout the 25,000 cases that he has handled, he stated that throughout his journey he learnt 'the value of hard work, the value of sincerity and the value of perseverance'. The Padma Bhushan recipient is considered to be one of the best heart surgeons in the world. Dr Panda further spoke of his early life and education, giving an insight into his extraordinary life. 

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"I think my journey I started my cardiac surgery training at All India Institute of Medical Sciences. From there I went to Cleveland Clinic in the USA which is the number one heart hospital in the USA for almost 30 years."

"In my journey from a novice cardiac surgeon to becoming expert cardiac surgeon now doing today 25,000 heart surgeries with more than 5,000 highly complex cases that most of the surgeons have refused from all other place with 99.4% success rate, what I learned was the value of hard work, of sincerity, of perseverance, and to never give up no matter how sick the patient is.

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Speaking to doctor Panda 

Speaking to Republic TV, Dr Panda stated that you should never lose out on hope. He spoke of never giving up, no matter how ill the patient might be. Speaking of learning from his experiences, he stated that he treats every patient like it is the first time he is treating an individual. Dr Panda also spoke about his mentor, Dr Loop, who was a cardiac surgeon as well. Dr Panda in a statement asserted that whatever he has learnt, he has learnt from him. 

'Doctor Loop was one of the pioneers of heart surgeries in those days. He was the first surgeon who was kind of founder of the bypass surgery, redo bypass surgery. I learned from him that no matter how many cases or how experienced you are, every single patient, every single case that you do, you think as if you are doing for the first time. When you think you are doing for the first time you will be very careful with everything so that you don't make mistakes.' sic

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World Heart Day

In conclusion, Dr Ramakant Panda stated that no matter how difficult or complex a case might seem to be you should never give up on the patients. World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 in an effort to create awareness around the world on health and wellness. A healthy heart is of utmost importance if you want to live a long life. Hence, requiring extra attention and discipline along with healthy practices to keep the body fit and healthy.

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