Aries Horoscope For Today - October 5, 2019 – Daily Predictions


Aries (21st Mar – 19th Apr) horoscope for 5th October 2019. Your lucky number for the day is 7. Lucky colour is Yellow. Read more to know what is in store

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There are chances that you will be welcomed into a few prominent social circles today. With a lot of people vying for your attention, it is necessary for you to rest whenever you feel it is needed. Keep calm and carry on. Know what else will the day bring your way.

Aries Horoscope for October 5


Today will be a positive day in terms of career. It will be easier to complete tasks and meet deadlines on time today as you will be calm and motivated at the same time. There will be obstacles in your way that you will have to clear to progress forward. Face these circumstances with confidence and keep the motivation mode on! Your bold outlook will yield you satisfactory results. People with a government job can expect either a raise or a promotion very soon.

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Today you will be susceptible to diseases of the stomach, head and kidneys. You need to take extra care of these parts of your body in order to prevent them from developing disorders like indigestion, migraine or kidney stones. These diseases can be caused by too much work pressure or an unhealthy lifestyle. Try to keep up with your daily routine of exercises. A morning jog every day can do wonders as well.

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Today brings plenty of possibilities of love entering into your life with grace. The good news is this time it is here to stay. Couples will find themselves focused on the ins and outs of merging their lives together. If you have recently moved in together or got married, for example, you might be in the negotiating phase of the tricky terrain connected to "yours, mine, and ours." You will eventually tend to settle into the mindset of sharing is caring, which will help you enhance your relationship further.

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Money is a currency, so it ought to be freely exchanged. As you will start making wise investments, you will start seeing greater returns on them. It is essential to enjoy this moment and take full advantage of it while it lasts. Stale investments will finally begin to make their move today. You need to be vigilant about any frauds though. There are high chances that someone close to you might not be trustworthy with money matters. So plan every step with caution.

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