Leo Horoscope Today: September 25 | Daily Horoscope


Leo Horoscope for today indicates a productive day. You may feel more efficient at the workplace. Keep lines of communication open with your partner and family.

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Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) is the fifth astrological sign. Leos have one of the most striking and vibrant personalities. They love being at the centre of attention which makes them the life of the party often. Their optimistic zeal for life makes them one of the most dynamic zodiac signs. Leos, just like their name, are quite fiery and passionate about the challenges life has to offer them. The lucky number for Leos are 4, 8, 21 and 9. The lucky colours for Leos are gold, yellow, red and orange.

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Leo - What to expect today

The Leo daily horoscope indicates you may be ready to put your best foot forward today. You might feel productive and energetic at your workplace. You may feel the need to communicate with your partner to keep misunderstandings at bay. You might reach closer to your health goals today, which will keep you motivated.


There may be minor misunderstandings with your spouse or partner. This might dampen your spirits to some extent. There may be a need for a heartfelt conversation to avoid this from affecting you. At such times, communication is the key.

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You may shine today at your workplace due to your sheer presence of mind. You might feel productive when it comes to challenging tasks. However, it may be beneficial to be diplomatic with your colleagues. It might be a good idea to stay away from office politics.

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You may face a tough time when it comes to parenting today. There might be a need to have an intimate conversation with your child. Parents may find it tough to give their family sufficient time today. There is no cause for worry as family would show understanding today.


Health may not give you any trouble today. You might feel in the best of spirits and ready for new challenges. But do not take your physical condition for granted. It might help in future to avoid any neglect towards your health today.

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