The 'Snoot Challenge' Performed By The Pets Will Make You Go 'Aww'


The 'snoot challenge' which is one of the most recent trending challenges taken up by the internet and is going viral.

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The 'snoot challenge' which is one of the most recent trending challenges taken up by the internet and is going viral. The challenge performed by the dogs requires them to put their nose inside a circle formed by the fingers of their owners. Pet owners around the world have flooded the social media platforms with videos of their pets enacting the viral challenge, and the results are completely 'aww-some'. Although the phenomenon was initiated early this year, it became an internet sensation in the recent days. The challenge which initially involved only dogs were tried on other pets as well, like the cats, birds, and snakes. Netizens were amazed to see different versions of the challenge and the images and videos of the pets performing the challenge have gained massive popularity.

Here's take a look at some of the snooty-outcomes:



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However, it turns out that the cats are not much interested in the snoot game. Here take a look at some of the major cat fails,



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This is not the first time a challenge has become an internet sensation. In fact, in the last one year, social media platforms have staged several internet challenges. Earlier, Canadian rapper Drake's 'In my feelings' challenge also known as 'Kiki Challenge' had gained immense popularity. The challenge, needed one to get out of a moving car and dance to the initial lines of the rapper's latest 'In my feelings' song. However, the challenge reportedly recorded several accidents as many people were injured while performing it. Moreover, another viral challenge, called the 'Dele Alli’s hand challenge' has become the Internet's latest trend. The trend requires one to make two circles using the fingers of one hand and cover both the eyes like spectacles. The challenge is inspired by the hand moves made by the English footballer Dele Alli after he scored a goal in one of his recent matches. 

Moreover, a 'hand swap' optical illusion challenge is also stumping the internet at the moment. The challenge shows one's interlocked hands break free and swap in the blink of an eye. The jaw-dropping move takes some time for the viewers to analyze how it was executed. However, several netizens have tried their hands on the challenge and some of them managed to do it perfectly.  


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