Carrot Juice Benefits: 11 Reasons Why You Should Include Carrot Juice In Your Diet

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Vitamins, minerals or proteins; name the ingredient and you will find the same in carrot juice. Benefits of carrot juice are ample. It is also an easy way to include this superfood in the diet chart every day. Also called as the well- being food, carrot contains

  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Beta- carotene
  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E and K

So, if someone is looking to make some positive changes in their lifestyle and food habits, including a glass of carrot juice in the diet chart is a must. The benefits of drinking carrot juice daily are as follows:

1. Reduces Cancer Risks

While there is still no concrete proof that cancer can be cured by having carrot juice, the acidity in the drink surely has some positive effects on the cancer patients. Free radicals are often the cause of the fatal disease, cancer. According to some studies, 100 grams of carrot contain approximately 5% Vitamin B- 6, 33% Vitamin A and 9% Vitamin C. All these together reduce the number of free radicals in the body which in turn can safeguard the body against cancer. This bright orange fruit is a bouquet of minerals and vitamins which reduce DNA damage and thus are anti- ¬cancer in nature.

2. Improves Eye Health

Beta carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein are 3 key ingredients in carrots which ensure good eye sight. Carrot juice made with 100 grams of the vegetable can provide almost 400% of Vitamin A, which is considered to improve eye sight and night vision. Vitamins A, C and E also prevents the degeneration of macula; damage to this eye part leads to blurred eye vision and blind spot. Carrot juice is also considered to reduce the risks of cataract (this leads to foggy vision and eyes).

3. Weight Loss

Carrot juice benefits for weight loss are known worldwide. Ditch sodas and sweetened beverages for a glass of carrot juice. The drink is naturally sweet with extremely low amount of calories. Carrot juice keeps an individual full for long hours and thus helps to shred more unnecessary fat from the body. Another reason why carrot juice is effective in reducing weight is, it increases bile secretion. Bile aids in dissolving the excess fat in the body.

4. Cardiac Health

These days, strokes and heart attacks are the prime reasons for death; a glass of carrot juice can be a savior in this regards. This drink has a positive effect on the cholesterol levels and thus may prevent cardiac arrests. The fiber present in carrots removes plaque from the arteries and also regulates the blood flow. Another reason for heart diseases is increase levels of stress and anxiety; carrot juice is known to lower both. It also improves the immunity of the body and reduces the density of fat in the body; all these together reduce risks of cardiac issues. 

5. Balance Blood Pressure

Carrots are filled with potassium and beta- carotene. Both these are believed to reduce the blood pressure levels in the body. This heart-healthy vegetable is also known to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. So besides reducing sodium intake, people suffering from high blood pressure are suggested to drink carrot juice on a regular basis.

6. Gorgeous Skin

This cute, red fruit adds shine to the skin. The vegetable is loaded with antioxidants which protect the skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Carrot juice is also known to repair damaged skin tissues. It has been used for a long time as a poultice to cure wounds; skin blemishes, dermatitis, and dry skin issues are also solved by regularly having carrot juice. As icing on the top, carrot juice delays the aging process with its rich source of vitamins and minerals fighting the free radicals present in the body.

7. Pre-birth Baby Health

Pregnant ladies are often asked to have carrot juice on a regular basis. Benefits of carrot juice include healthy development of the embryo; this is ensured by the Vitamin A and C present in the juice. Traditionally the intake of carrot juice is increased during the last few months of pregnancy to prevent the puerperal fever after delivery.

8. Oral Health

Vitamin C is considered good for oral health; carrot juice has a lot of it. Carrots also improve the production of alkaline saliva which in turn reduces the acidity of the mouth. This drink can also protect the teeth from cavities and halitosis. 

9. Hair Health

Anyone looking for long and shining hair should note down the carrot juice benefits for hair. Vitamin A is known to boost the sebum production in the hair; this element acts as a conditioner for the scalp and protects it from hair loss. The minerals and vitamins stored in carrot juice strengthen the hair roots and add shine and thickness to the length. Vitamin B, C, E, phosphorous and magnesium improves the circulation of blood in the scalp, which again promotes hair growth. Regularly drinking carrot juice can also delay greying of hair.

10. Liver Health

Carrot dissolves both bile and fat stored in the body. For this reason, intestinal issues and fatty liver problems can be easily avoided by regularly drinking carrot juice. Moreover, the soluble fiber present in carrot juice flushes out all the toxins present in the liver and colon area of the body. This means the liver is saved from organic chemicals and uric acid. So a glass of carrot juice can also provide some relief from diseases like gout, rheumatism, and arthritis.

11. Protection Against Viruses

Carrot juice is concentrated with necessary nutrients. A glass of carrot juice daily strengthens the immune system of the body. Virus, bacteria or inflammation, whatever may be the issue, carrot juice can do wonders. The array of vitamins and minerals present in the drink strengthens the bones, improves the neuro system and memory power of the body.

While there are numerous benefits of drinking carrot juice daily, another good part about the juice is, it can be blended with other fruit juices. A cocktail of carrot, apple and beet juice can be quite delicious!

Note: Please consult your dietitian before proceeding with the above diet.