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Get Fitter And Overcome Sedentary Lifestyle In Five Easy Ways

In today's world, most of the time is spent sitting in front of a computer screen as the lifestyle is such that it allows little human activity. Here are five easy ways to overcome the sedentary lifestyle and get fitter.

Are you one of those low stamina people? Laziness has crept inside you and literally living off you. The muffin top refuses to budge. You find yourself sitting most of the day. It has become a habit or maybe you are doing it unconsciously. The work profile these days is such that it required people to mostly sit, for maybe even 12 hours straight. Sounds like you?

You are indeed living a sedentary life. Sedentary basically can then translate to inactive, or no movement and no exercise. Unfortunately, today’s world is such that it minimizes the human activity. This ‘Move less, sit more’ lifestyle has made life a lot easier but general health and stamina a lot worse. Some of the common health problems include obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and increased depression/anxiety.

So, here’s the thing. You know all of the former things. You want to get more active. You want that stamina sky high like you never get dead tired. You want to get into that morning routine. You want to exercise. You want to. But aren’t able to.

Here are a few easy things you can alter in your daily life to lead a more active life which is healthier in the long run. Overcome those sedentary habits and get moving now!

1. Just walk. 10 minutes is all it takes!

You needn’t run miles in a day to get rid of the sedentary lifestyle. Start with a 10-minute walk. I am not suggesting the usual morning walks as that requires a little time to get adapted to. Just start walking, at any time of the day. Walk. To work. After lunch. Before Sunset. At the end of the day. Just walk. 10 minutes to start with. That all it takes!

2. Engage in ANY activity that offers movement.

Engage in activities that require movement. Go out. Explore your neighbourhood. Bring groceries. Indulge in some nature therapy with a bit of gardening. Start playing a sport. For the tech geeks, stay away from mobiles. If you want to play a game, play active games like tennis on a PlayStation. It requires you to stand up and use those hands and feet.

3. Stretch. Any time. Get the blood flowing.

You are sitting in front of a computer screen. Your whole body is jammed but the fingers are typing madly to get that work done. Work is important but your body is equally important too. Just take out 5 minutes every hour. Stand up. Stretch. Do just 5 counts each of neck movement and shoulder rotations. Stretch the legs which are cramped badly. Shake those hands. Shrug the shoulders. Get the blood flowing. So, on an eight-hour shift, if the maths is right, you would be moving for about 40 minutes. From 0 to 40. That’s really good for a start!

4. It is tough, but Climb UP.

Most of the times, when stairs are involved, people prefer to climb down. Skip that elevator taking you up. Choose the stairs instead. Climb UP. Start with climbing 3 floors. But climb up. You might be running down the stairs but it puts unnecessary pressure on the knees. Climbing up the stairs can easily be included in your daily life. An excellent cardio, it works on your leg and thigh muscles. Makes them stronger! Thank me for the weight loss later!

5. Wake up 10 minutes earlier.

Set your alarm just 10 minutes earlier than the previous day. So, if you wake up at 8:00 AM regularly, set the alarm to 7:50 AM and get out of the bed when the alarm goes off. These 10 minutes provides you that much needed extra time where you can include small routines of exercises like stretching or yoga. You can do approx. 5 rounds of sun salutations in that time! Experience the instant freshness that your body feels after the exercise. Try it for yourself!

Changes in lifestyle do not happen overnight. One needs to keep patience with the self. Your body is used to a certain kind of routine and it takes time to adjust to the changes. Exercises don’t need to be intense. Make your life a little more fluid. Sneak in a little movement, that’s all. Even if you can’t run, just keep walking. Keep moving.

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