Here's How To Ease Your Daily Travel On The Local Trains

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Oh! The dreaded journeys on the local trains. Each day. Every day. Non-stop. Daily commutes can be strenuous and tiring. But, alas, unavoidable. Here’s a list of things to make your travel smoother and fun.


Shoes are your best friend while travelling. All those long hours of standing puts much strain on your feet. Ease the pressure and invest in a comfortable pair of shoes, even if they cost more. I say shoes, not anything else. Wear them to work every day and you would avoid the hassles experienced due to all that running and pushing and standing and walking.  Plus, they keep your feet nice and dry and dust-free. At the end of the day, all that money invested would be worth it!


You have nothing to do but wait for your stop to arrive. What do you do? Plan for the day ahead. Remember, when at bedtime, you are overwhelmed by thinking about everything that you have to do the next day. Sleep well and plan during your commute all the daily list of chores and routine and errands. Write it out on your phone if the schedule’s too much to remember.


If you can’t take out time for work-out, take this as an opportunity to get fit. Start 10-15 minutes early and get your daily dose of exercise.  Walk the long route to the station. Take stairs instead on an elevator or escalator. Time saved is time earned!


Even if you don't know what a podcast is, make them your thing if you commute over the train regularly. You don't want to hear those neighbourly gossips or annoying noises on your way. Use that time to listen to something worth listening to. These are many audiobooks and podcasts available on the net. Or you can just put on some music and forget about the crowd. Keep the sound levels of those earphones under check though!


On the contrary, for those on a lookout for stories and inspiration, commuting offers an excellent chance to put those ears to use and take in all the gossip and anecdotes. You never know what you can hear about the ways of the world. Strange, eccentric, unfathomable. It is an interesting world!


Put that phone away for God’s sake and just do nothing. There’s a long day ahead or you’ve had a tiring day. While you definitely can’t relax but give rest to those eyes by ditching the phone. Feel the air, observe, contemplate, clear your mind. There’s a life beyond the screen.


You never know what experience the train can bring. For instance: You can even stumble upon the Prime Minister of India!