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Gemini Horoscope - The ruling planet for Gemini is Mercury, while the symbol is the twins; the sacred element is Air. Read the overview of the day here.

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You appreciate and value the straightforward approach, Gemini. You do not have a problem coming right out and saying what you have to say, and you are fine with and you expect others to do the same. But when someone tries to manipulate you by dancing around a matter or by covering up their true intentions, it bugs you. If someone seems to be doing that now, do not set a precedent by responding with what they want. Do not respond at all until they are brave enough to talk to you directly. 

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What to expect today?

You might wish that you could gaze into a crystal ball or consult with a soothsayer to find out how something is going to turn out in the future. You may be filled with worry thinking about what your fate holds. But the future has not yet been written, and guess what? You are the author. You have far more power and control than you think with an unfolding situation. The answer is not out there hiding someplace in the future but in fact, it is in your hands right now. Do what you wish too and think positive. Your lucky colour for today is blue and magenta and your lucky number is 7,15 and 43.

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Tell your partner about his or her actions that you do not like. Learn to be straight forward instead of being diplomatic. You just need to explain what you feel about it.


You will solve problems by behaving cautiously and calmly today. Peace of mind is especially helpful in solving problems and ensuring that nothing like this happens. Do not think too much about it.

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Do not spend time with negative people. The mantra of today could be dealing with your problems mentally and financially. Take advice from seniors if you want too. 


Just getting up in the morning is not enough you need to exercise. Exercising will keep you energized and will make you positive. Think about considering it and adding it in your schedule.   

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