Pisces Horoscope Today | November 29 | Daily Horoscope Predictions


People born between February 19 – March 20 come under the zodiac sign Pisces. Pisces are usually very kind and generous. Read more about today's horoscope.

Written By Vaishnavi Navalka | Mumbai | Updated On:

The twelfth astrological sign of the zodiac is Pisces. It represents the life and death symbol being connected. A person who belongs to this zodiac sign is innovative, sharp and creative. They are emotional and get carried away very easily. Here is an overview of your day if you belong to Pisces.

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The day looks good to spend some time with your loved one. It might have been long since you and your partner have sat down and talked about things randomly. Find some time out of your busy schedule and enjoy a meal or watch the sunset. Singles are likely to meet someone new at the workplace or through a common friend. Be real and be you throughout the situation.

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Family and friendship

You patience has been running out over a thing that is disturbing your family. It is advisable to take advice from people who genuinely offer help. Do not let your ego or self-respect come in between a situation where you need help desperately. Good things take time and you should keep that in mind. 

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You never doubt your ability, even if the correct answer is not always available immediately. You are faced with problems that are more complex and demanding than usual. Giving up some of your usual methods to make room for alternative solutions might be helpful. Accept that others are inspired as well and seek counsel.

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Investments made in the past may benefit you today. You might suffer a few losses here and there so be careful about further investments. Accept other people's advice in terms of money. You might feel people are taking advantage of you and that may not be 100% true. That also does not mean you do not pay attention.


You have been eating a lot of junk these days and it is advised to cut that off from your diet. You may find that you have reached the limit of your potential, realising that you are concerned about your lifestyle and aspects like how you can change it or how you can build a healthier outlook.

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