From Snake Meat To Duck Fetus: These Weird Food Items Around The World Will Leave You Baffled

Written By Joel Kurian | Mumbai | Published:


  • A Twitter user recently started an interesting discussion on the micro-blogging website, asking fellow Twitteratti to send in the weirdest food items in their respective countries
  • Snake meat, duck fetus and some more weird names came up and it’s surely not for the faint-hearted

It goes without saying that it’s not the same food that people around the world eat. The climate, culture and availability of the various edible items have played a major role in distinct cuisines coming into existence. Experimentation with them over centuries have led to such a massive variety of food options, and people from a country find it odd that persons of another country consume a particular dish. But that doesn’t mean that people are happy about their own cuisine and there are many who find some of their own foodstuffs in their country unusual.  

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A Twitter user recently started an interesting discussion on the micro-blogging website, asking fellow Twitteratti to send in the weirdest food items in their respective countries. Here’s what some of them replied: 

In Mexico, snake meat and insect’s eggs or larvae like Ahuautle, Escamoles were named as weird.  

A user from Brazil mentioned how a cornmeal with a ‘giant ant’ was odd apart from other unusual combinations like mayonnaise with apple and peas and pasta that has fish, tomatoes and eggs. 

A person from France called ‘marrow bones in stews’, sea snails like Bigorneaux, weird and also clarified that French people eating frog legs was a myth. 

A Swedish user named Surstromming, a kind of fermented fish and blood pudding, which is what the name suggests, in the discussion. 

A person from Poland called Flaczki, a weird dish as it contained pieces of cow's stomach and other insides. 

A Canadian user wrote how ‘beaver butts’ 'smothered in cheese curds and donair sauce' were common. While for another person, apple syrup on bacon and sausages was weird.  

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A person from the Philippines had heard about duck fetus popular in their country, though the person had not tried it. 

A German wrote about Meet, just raw meat which is eaten with bread.

 A Singapore Twitter user just felt the ‘salted egg craze’ in the country was ‘weird.’