Heart Health: Dr Panda Says Sudden Exercise Regimes Can Be Dangerous


Dr Panda, who is the Chief Consultant for Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery at a Mumbai hospital spoke about how dangerous sudden exercise is for heart health

Written By Ria Kapoor | Mumbai | Updated On:

During an interview with Republic, Dr Ramakanta Panda, who is the Chief Consultant for Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery and the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Dr Ramakanta Panda, who is the Chief Consultant for Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery on the occasion of World Heart Day, spoke about how people often make mistakes when they suddenly jump on to an exercising routine randomly one day.

Sudden exercise is dangerous

He said, “People who have not done any exercise and suddenly one day they read in the newspaper that it is good, this is bad and/or somebody got a heart attack or an important person or a known person got a heart attack, suddenly they go start running around. It is very dangerous.”

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While advising people, he said, “Before you do that, at least go get thoroughly checked out. Go to a doctor, go to a hospital, get yourself checked out, make sure you don’t have blood pressure, you don’t have diabetes and you don’t have any other risk factors that might propensate you to have heart disease.”

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Elderly people should have their stress test done

With a special message about the elderly, he said, “Also, I’ll suggest anybody elderly, at least get a stress test done. At least that will exclude you having any major heart blockage. Then you can exercise.”

“My strong suggestion will be that build up over one-two months. Don’t one day suddenly run around. I have seen both youngsters as well as elderly people, suddenly one day they decide that they want to start going gymming and day one they started doing and in the gym, they got a heart attack.”

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He spoke about how one should pick it up an exercise routine slowly. He said, “If somebody is already doing exercise, already has been running, say on a treadmill every day five, six, seven kilometres, my advice will be to continue that and don’t do that suddenly. Suddenly, don’t push yourself beyond, suddenly start running 10 to 15-20 KM. Slowly, allow your body to develop that habit. So what you do is slowly increase over the next one-two months and do it”

He also advised people to visit a cardiac rehabilitation centre at hospitals. He said, “I’ll always advise it especially to people who already have a heart problem, go to a hospital, they have a cardiac rehabilitation program where the doctors say that they monitor you while you exercise so that they can build up your stamina over one-two months. Do not have any cardiac-related problem then you go to a trainer, and exercise under their supervision.”

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