Scorpio Horoscope For December 24, 2019 | Scorpio Daily Prediction


A Scorpio is born between October 23 and November 22 and belongs to the 'water' element of the zodiac. Read more about their daily prediction- career and more.

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People who belong to the zodiac sign of Scorpio are known for their determination. They are highly independent individuals and they work diligently. They try to build something unique by putting their creative skills to use. They do not believe in parties but rather believe in staying alone and spending quality time. Read on to know what your stars and ruling planets have for you.

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Scorpio – What to expect today?

Your spirit, courage, and intuition will assure you many successes during the day. You will be able to prove yourself as a key player and others will entrust you with a number of responsibilities. Your biggest challenge will be keeping yourself cool and staying disciplined.


You tend to question your loved ones when they do not show enough care and attention, which may lead to some tuff situations. There is also a possibility of having some brawls, arguments or differences with your partner. Those who aren’t involved in a love relationship will now find a partner and may develop a relationship.


Things might progress slowly as the day passes, but you might not get the desired results today. Hence, it is essential to keep your head high and your confidence at best. Increments, bonuses, job change- all these finer things will be in favour. Moreover, you will find the number of other ways to increase your income.

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Today, you find it quite easy to manage both your mental and physical health. Your happy and fun-loving nature will be reflected through your happiness and care for your family. It is essential that you remove the negative individuals from your life before they start to bring you down. Focus on the good times you spent with your loved ones and you are going to have a good picture of health throughout the day.


Today is the most auspicious time to encourage your kids to do well. Your family atmosphere will be pleasant throughout the day. But, at the end of the day, you may face problems such as disagreements, dissatisfaction, differences and distress in your family. So, try to stay calm and humble and avoid controversies.

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