Taurus Horoscope For Tuesday, October 9, 2019: Know Daily Predictions


Taurus is the enthusiastic bull who loves comfort. Read to know about what you may expect today, October 9, 2019, in terms of love, health, career & family.

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Taurus is practical and ambitious in nature. The Taurus sign is representations of an enthusiastic bull that are determined and materialistic. They are stubborn and rule the planet Venus. Luxury and comfort is their first priority. Logical in nature often find themselves lagging in trust and end up being jealous and possessive.


Expect a lot of moral support from your partner. They will make you laugh and put effort to make your day. This will give you an indication to take your relationship to the next level. Also, you will get comfortable around each other regarding things that you used to avoid.

Family and friends

You will be extremely dedicated to your family too. Spending more time with family would be your favourite activity for the day. Friends would also be supportive and loving. There are also chances to plan a trip with your friends.

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You may feel low at your workplace, and find your efforts not being appreciated but do not set yourself back and prefer being consistent with your work. Whether you are at work or not, you feel the sensation of feeling estranged from the people you work with. The decisions you make shouldn’t be abrupt, think before making any decision. Do not be on the front foot in meetings today, try to sit back and work. 

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You may find yourself in a situation where u spent a large amount of money due to unexpected situations. Avoid making due investments and do not make any prior commitments. Be cautious when lending money to any family member or friend. You will have to be smart in order to earn really well today.

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Health conditions will be average today. Avoid eating outside and prefer healthy eatables. Exercise today. Try to enroll in any nearby physical activity centre and plan a strict diet. Be practical with your actions. The day may not be easy but regulate your stress and let the day pass easily. Give yourself permission to explore yourself without fear.

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