Five Offbeat Places To Visit In Paris


Paris is much more than just 'love' or 'The Eiffel Tower'. Here's a list of some offbeat places to explore in the 'City of Love':

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There’s more to Paris than just love. While landmarks like Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum are the essential to-visit places, there's a lot more. Here is a list of five offbeat places to explore in the 'City of Love':

1. Montparnasse Tower

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What fun is it to visit the city famous for the Eiffel Tower and not capture the monument in its bird's eye view snapshot? Skip climbing the Eiffel Tower and opt to visit this place instead. Being the highest roof-top location in Paris, it offers a fantastic view of the beautiful city with its landmark icon, the Eiffel Tower. The Panoramic Observation Deck offers a spectacular view of the metropolis.

2. Parc des Buttes Chaumont

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The pronunciation of this place might be a little difficult but add this to your must-visit lists in Paris. The 25-hectare park offers nearly everything one needs to relax - cliffs, green stretches of land, temples, caves and even waterfalls. Opt for a walking tour and you never know what you will stumble upon! The sweet twittering of the birds is an added pleasure.

3. Marché des Enfants Rouges

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One of the oldest markets of the city, the name of the place translates to “Market of the Red Children”. It derives its name from a 16th-century orphanage occupying this site which was closed before the revolution. Established in 1698, the covered market space offers some of the most delicious cuisines from around the world including Japanese, African, Italian and of course, French. You can also visit the neighbouring Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, the 150-year old flea market, the largest in the world.

4. Ile Saint-Louis

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Just beside the Notre-Dam Cathedral lies this quaint island. Overshadowed by the famous monument, and often overlooked, the place offers some beautiful photogenic scenes for the explorer in you. See history unfold before your eyes as the place is one of the France’s first and finest examples of urban planning. Walk along the lake while calmly enjoying the quiet air, gazing at the grand 17th-century mansions. This small island is often regarded as the ‘oasis’ offering serenity amid the mad rush of the city. Don’t forget to enjoy the homemade ice-creams and sorbets here.

5. The Darker Side of the ‘City of Love’

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It’s not all roses in the city as Paris houses many secrets beneath all the 'love'. Catacombes de Paris is a place that probably holds the most unknown, strange, eerie secrets of the city. Located underground, the place is made up of the bones and skulls of more than 6 million people. You can even explore Musee des Egouts de Paris, the museum of sewers,  narrates the history of sewers from the 14th century. Another eccentric option is Le Musée des Vampires, a museum of vampires and legendary creatures. 

With numerable historic monuments and museums, the city has a lot more to offer than just ‘romance’. You can even go for a French movie themed excursion, take food tours, explore the city in a classic French retro sidecar, experience painting, art and sculptures or discover something completely wacky like visiting the sewer museum. Just walk around the labyrinths of the French capital and you never know what you stumble upon!

France and French language have always had that inherit charm. French manners and French food and French culture is famous all over the world. Get to know the rich culture of the place by visiting these offbeat places. 

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