Colourful African Rhinos Spotted In London!


Artists have taken up the initiative to paint dozens of colourful fiberglass resin rhinos across London

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Don't be surprised if you spot African rhinoceros on the streets of London. Well, thinking of which it would be quite a migration, but here we are referring to an artistic detour the animal has embarked on. The credit goes to artists from around the globe, who have come together to raise funds to preserve this endangered species. To spread awareness they have painted dozens of colourful fiberglass resin rhinos that will be displayed in different parts of the city.

The high profile sculpture trail, which is being launched by the British non-profit wildlife protection organisation the 'Tusk' aims to raise funds to ensure the continued conservation of rhinoceros and their fellow African species. Titled, 'The Tusk Rhino Trail', the campaign celebrates the magnificence of the mammal and draws people's attention towards the drastic decrease in its numbers.

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An official statement released by the 'The Tusk Rhino Trail' states, that the rhino populations across Africa are in critical danger, threatened by a global poaching crisis. It also states that the illegal wildlife trade is now the fourth largest criminal industry in the World after drugs, arms and human trafficking. However, it thanked the conservationists, government, and the donors, for their active participation to preserve the endangered species, which eventually noted a rise in the global population of rhinos.

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The ongoing London's wide art installation is brightening up the city. 21 rhino sculptures are specially designed, decorated and embellished by internationally renowned artists, and each of them will be sponsored by a Tusk supporter or partner.

David Mach, Ronnie Wood and Adam Dant at the launch of 'The Tusk Rhino Trail' (Source: Twitter)

According to the organisation, the installation process began on August 20 and is scheduled to culminate with the celebration of World Rhino Day on September 22, 2018. The structures are being installed in the iconic sites of the city including Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, and Carnaby Street. An online trail map ( is also provided by the organisation to help the public spot the rhinos. On October 9, the sculptures will be taken up for auction at an event hosted by leading London auction house, Christies.

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'The Rolling Stones' musician Ronnie Wood, who is also known to be an artist, has come up with his model of the African species. Other eminent artists participating in the project include:

  • Marc Quinn
  • Gavin Turk
  • Axel Scheffler
  • The Chapman Brothers
  • Charming Baker
  • Glen Baxter
  • Nick and Rob Carter
  • Eileen Cooper
  • Nancy Fouts
  •  Nick Gentry
  • Zhang Huan
  • Patrick Hughes
  • David Mach
  • Gerry McGovern
  • Harland Miller
  • Mauro Perruchetti
  • Dave White
  • David Yarrow
  • Jonathan Yeo






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