Five Indoor Plants To Curb Air Pollution And Purify Air


Here’s a list of five plants that you can keep indoors for a fresher air, requiring minimum efforts

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India is developing at a fast pace, and so are its people. This is adding to making new buildings, new machines, new cars, and new facilities like air conditioners. Though development is one thing, sustainable development is another. Unfortunately, nature is bearing the cost of these advances. Acres of land is getting deforested to made way for new roads and new buildings for human consumption.

Due to the rising number of pollutants and the dwindling number of trees and green cover, the air which we breathe is no longer fresh. While afforestation is the ultimate solution to this problem, trees do take a long time to grow. To address the problem immediately, surround yourself with as many plants as you can. The ultimate effect would be cleaner, fresher air.

While plants do require constant care to survive, here’s a list of five plants that you can keep indoors for a fresher air, requiring minimum efforts:

1. Areca Palm

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The plant removes more toxic gases than any other in the list. It is effective in purifying toluene and xylene, gases which are extremely hazardous to human health. It also emits huge amounts of water vapours, beneficial for people living in places with dry air. The plant needs to be watered frequently. 

2. Snake Plant

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The plant is great in purifying the air. It requires minimal water, and are best to be kept indoors. It is also known by its unusual name ‘Mother-in-law’s Tongue’.

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3. Peace Lily

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The plant is known to purify toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. They are the best to remove acetone and alcohols from the air. It purifies and humidifies the air. They are generally easy to care. The plants also give beautiful fragrant white flowers which are pleasing to the eye. However, the plant can be toxic to human touch, so it must be handled with caution.

4. Lemongrass

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Lemongrass is an easy-to-grow-and-maintain plant and makes the air inside breathable. Since time immemorial, these plants have formed a vital part of ancient Chinese medicines and are great for the body. Lemongrass essential oils are popular all around. Growing them at home is an even better choice. It considerably reduces the allergens in the air and has anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-fungal properties. A natural disinfectant, the plant also has an excellent fragrance. It is even used in many food preparations.

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5. Aloe vera

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Everyone's favorite on the list, Aloe vera has many great benefits. Along with being beneficial for the overall body health, these plants release oxygen 24 hours and absorbs carbon dioxide. The plant works wonder in improving the skin and hair. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Bring in these plants and notice the difference for yourself. The air we breathe majorly impacts our body functioning. Breathing cleaner air translates to a fitter body and stronger immunity. Besides purifying, these plants also cools the air inside.

Even though you are not one of those gardeners, invest in these plants and bring them home. Besides making the air fresher and purer, the plants also have an aesthetic appeal making the home more beautiful. A little bit of green never did hurt anyone!

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