Here Are Some Fun Indoor Workout Options To Explore This Monsoon!

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Most of our work-out sessions include going outside for a nice jog or to the gym. But what happens when its pouring cats and dogs outside?
  • Don't worry, because we have come up with the perfect solution. Scroll down below to know the perfect indoor exercises you can do this monsoon while having some fun!

Most of our work-out sessions include going outside for a nice jog, or to the gym. But, what happens to our scheduled runs when it rains? The drizzles or the heavy evening showers can hamper the daily morning or evening walk.

But, does that mean you have to laze at home and be a couch potato? No way! Because we have some fun indoor workouts that you can do, while it rains cats and dogs outside. 

1. Stretch by the window: Find a perfect spot next to the window, and as you enjoy the drizzles, start with a few stretching and warm-up exercises to rejuvenate yourself. Also, bring out those gym clothes and dress exactly the same way. In this way, you will feel like your at the gym and it will give you a little extra motivation to be fit! 

2. Invest a little:  Invest in small exercising devices such as dumbbells or skipping ropes. It is also the perfect time to invest in a treadmill or a spin cycle and can be used if you're feeling lazy to go to the gym or on perfect rainy days like these! 

3. Exercise lightly: Also if you are the occasional couch potato and enjoy a few days lazing at home but want to be fit at the same time, we have the perfect solution for you! Move around and just do a few light sit-ups, waist bends, knee beads and calf exercises. This will allow you to enjoy a quiet time at home and at the same time, you can be fit! 

4. Practice Yoga: Yoga can be performed both indoors and outdoors. And, so find an airy spot in your house and get your Yoga mat and get ready to do a few asanas. Yoga will better the posture of your body and will also reduce respiratory problems that are so common during the monsoon season. 

5. Jog around the house: If you want to shed the extra fat you are gaining munching on delicious hot monsoon snacks, taking a jog around the house is the perfect solution! This fitness tip will come in handy when it is pouring outside.  

6. Dance: Don't feel like doing the regular exercises but still want to stay fit? Just dance like nobody's watching. Just move around the house and groove to your favorite song. In this way, you're having fun and shedding calories. 

7. Clean your house: The best way to keep yourself from being a couch potato, and being fit at the same time is to just clean your house. As it drizzles outside, just change into drab clothes and clean out a few shelves, cupboards and rooms. In this way, you are keeping fit and also getting some cleaning done.