Here's Why Brushing Teeth Is Good For Your Heart - Dr Panda Answers


Dr Ramakanta Panda, VC and MD of Asian Heart Institute, gave in-depth knowledge on the innocuous habits that can help people to maintain a healthy heart. 

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Ahead of World Heart Day on September 29, Republic TV spoke to Dr Ramakanta Panda, the Chief Cardiovascular Surgeon and MD of the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai. Dr Panda gave in-depth knowledge on some of the innocuous habits that can help a person to maintain a healthy heart. 

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Innocuous habits for a healthy heart

When asked about innocuous habits for a healthier heart, Dr Panda spoke about the most crucial factor that contributes. Dr Panda advised that sleeping helps to maintain a good heart. He asserted that the sleeping hours and sleeping time should be strictly followed:

"Sleeping for an adequate number of hours and also sleeping on time is very important," said Dr Panda

Dr Panda said that the 'casualty' faced all over the world and especially India is sleep. However, he said that people fail to realize that the human body also has its own mechanisms.

"Of course a lot of valuable time is wasted, but what you don't know that just like clocks with timers, the body similarly functions on an internal clock mechanism," added Dr Ramakant Panda

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The cardiac surgeon further said that keeping a dedicated time for sleeping is a must. He further asserted that during the course of sleeping hours, the body is required to restore and repair itself from the daily activities. He also said that memory needs to be stored back in the brain. 

"We need to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day. Sleeping less is bad like sleeping more is bad. What's more important is that we should sleep at the right time." Dr Panda said

He also recommends that the cycle should be maintained. Sleeping at a different time every day does not help, he said, adding that doing so may significantly disrupt the human body's internal mechanism. Dr Panda also spoke about the association of less sleep and reduction in years of life. "Less sleep can cause a person to lose around five to fifteen years of life."  In addition, Dr. Panda also said that less sleep causes diseases if the cycle is not followed.

"There's an increased risk of getting heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and blood pressure," 

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Other innocuous habits that Dr. Ramakanta Panda recommends

Dr. Panda also spoke about the lesser-known innocuous habits that people don't follow. These include brushing teeth and maintaining good dental hygiene. He said that maintaining dental hygiene also has an impact on reducing heart diseases. He said that if one does not brush teeth properly, then plaque starts accumulating and bacteria starts growing. He added that this further can affect the heart through the bloodstream. 

"If the valve of the heart is already defective, then it can cause life-threatening disease called endocarditis. If left untreated, then the person will likely die," said Dr. Ramakanta Panda

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The leading surgeon cited another reason for heart disease. He said that if a person has some amount of cholesterol deposit in the heart arteries, then the bacteria gets into the bloodstream and further infects the arteries. The process thereby causes a major blood clot and ultimately a heart attack. Dr. Panda concluded by advising proper dental and oral hygiene. 

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