Scorpio Horoscope For November 12, 2019 - Scorpio Daily Prediction


Scorpios are born between October 23 to November 21. Know what the stars have for you today so that you can prepare for what is yet to come. Read on to know.

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Scorpios are filled with incredible passion, power, and zest for life. They know what they want in life and are not afraid to work towards achieving the same. They are fun and entertaining people. Scorpios are generally calm and sweet.

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Scorpio horoscope: What to expect today?

You are bound to question everything surrounding you today. Unfortunately, you will take this aspect of today in an entirely different direction. This will not prove fruitful for yourself or the people around you.

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In matters of love, today is showing signs of a new beginning for you. This either means that a new person is all set to enter your life or that your relationship will take a new turn. You have been facing some problems in your relationship, but do not worry because that is coming to an end soon.

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Do not stress way too much on existing projects or plans. It is the time to try out newer strategies or assignments that you could not take on earlier. Whenever someone at your workplace offers assistance, do not let your ego come in the way of progress.


You are in the pink of your health at the moment, so do something to improve your fitness. Try different exercises as they will not only help in your physical but also your mental health. It would not be too long until you see yourself progressing.

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Your family will seem to be supportive of your decisions. Matters at home that were causing unrest will settle down. Discuss your problems with your family and loved ones because they are the ones who will listen to you and lend you a helping hand. You need also spend some quality time with your family.

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