Daily Horoscope Gemini 17th September: Love, Health And Career


Gemini daily horoscope of 17th September. Love, Career, Health and Money - Know more about today's preview and things that might help you brighten the day.

Written By Raj Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated On:

Dear Gemini, don’t worry about if you are having mood swings or have been a bit out of focus in your career. You might have been emotionally drained but according to Gemini horoscope, there are also bright sides to this month. There are good signs for Gemini in the coming days and if you focus well on your strengths, you can enjoy a great September. Also Read:-Daily Horoscope Gemini: Overview Of The Day; More On Career And Health

If you are a Gemini, you must read Gemini horoscope before taking on the beautiful day of 17th September.


If you are yet to find the love of your life, this is the time where you may achieve what you desire most. You need to focus on the present and continue working on your relationship if something is disturbing you. Today is a good day to work on your love life or any relationship you are struggling with. Take decisions and be confident about them, don’t get confused about your abilities. Your lucky numbers for the day are 3,5,7,8, and Blue and Yellow are your lucky colours for the day.

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Take rest Geminis, there is a hugely positive sign for your health today. You are directly under the influence of the moon which will send you an astral healing vibration. You will surely feel an energy today and you do not need to worry about your health unless you are under serious illness. If you feel really bad about your health, do consult a doctor any day but if you are not, relax. Today is one of those days when just eating an apple should keep the doctor away!

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Avoid taking risky decisions in your career today. If you are having a bad day at work, do not over-stress and make decisions in a hurry. Please plan your activities in advance and everything can be possible for you. Gemini horoscope shows a positive result for 17th September but you need to be focussed and active about your career. 


According to the current planetary stage and Gemini horoscope, you do not need to worry about your finance. Today is a great day for your financial activities and decisions, and you can make full use of it. Though you should always be careful about your financial activities, the current planetary placement is really great for making monetary decisions. If someone owes you money, there is a high chance that it may arrive today. 

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