Horoscope For Today: All Zodiac Signs - October 9 | Astro Predictions


Daily horoscope for October 9, Wednesday. Check out what the stars have in store for you today. Astro Predictions for all twelve zodiac signs. Read more

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Horoscope check is a part of our daily routine and gives us an overview of our day. Check the Astro predictions for all the twelve zodiac signs here.

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Astro predictions for all zodiac signs 

Aries (21 March-19 April): A great day for you, things will go as planned. Spend time with your family, as you’ve been ignoring them for quite some time now. Don’t be arrogant and try to help those who approach you. Don’t upset your partner by indulging into unnecessary arguments. Lucky colour: Pink, lucky numbers: 11,76

Taurus(20 April-20 May): Your energy level is at top-notch today, which will help you in dealing with all significant issues during the day. Even if your credibility is put to test you will be able to sail through it with flying colours. Don't stay quiet if you do not agree with your partner's ideology. Vocalise your emotions to the fullest. Lucky colour: Red, lucky numbers: 65,10

Gemini(21 May-20 June): You will feel relaxed and at ease throughout your day. Make sure you spend some quality time with your friends. Some great opportunity will knock on your day today, grab it with both hands. Stay alert and take a wise decision. Lucky colour: Yellow, lucky numbers: 87,22

Cancer(21 June-22 July): Go to the social events you’ve been invited to today. You’re in a jolly mood today so try to avoid any deep conversations with anyone as it might turn into a quarrel. If you’re having any health issues today do not avoid them under any circumstances. Lucky colour: Orange, lucky numbers: 77, 99

Leo(23 July-22 August): You will engage with people in a very optimistic manner which will be fruitful for you both personally and professionally. The key here is to reciprocate similarly. Sustain your positive attitude throughout the day. Lucky colour: Silver, lucky numbers: 9,43

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Virgo(23 August-22 September): Take a break from your hectic schedule and relax. Go for a spa session or pamper yourself. It’s important to get rid off all the stress you’ve been bearing for quite some time now. You might have a feud with your partner but try to tackle the situation in a calm manner. Lucky colour: Brown, lucky numbers: 71,16

Libra(23 September-22 October): Today try to learn some new skill, or just try something you haven’t done before. Focus on partner today, listen to him/her. Try to be more understanding than you usually are. You can also plan a movie date with your partner. Lucky colour: Pastel shades, lucky numbers:33, 81

Scorpio(23 October-21 November): It’s time to make some new friends, go out to meet some new people. Don’t hesitate to talk to them, open up, try to strike a conversation. This newfound bond might be life-changing for you. On the work front, trying new creative working methods might work in your favour. Lucky colour: Black, lucky numbers:06, 49

Sagittarius(22 November-21 December): Your partner has been waiting the entire week to spend some quality time with you, focus on him/her. Value their presence in your time. Surprise them with a small gift or go on a romantic candlelight dinner date. If you’re single then enjoy your day with friends and you never know someone might secretly have a crush on you. Lucky colour: Turquoise, lucky numbers:26,14

Capricon(22 December-19 January): A great news is on its way, embrace it. Motivate yourself towards a healthier or fitter you, focus on health. If you are in a relationship then spend time with your partner and a beautiful journey awaits you today. If single, look for subtle clues from others, a prospective partner might be waiting for you. Lucky colour:  Sea green, lucky numbers: 83,77

Aquarius(20 January-18 February): Your professional life is going rock-solid and things at work are going great. Try and help your colleagues on the project you all are working on. Check your finances and spend wisely, don’t spend your hard-earned money on unnecessary things. Lucky colour: Navy Blue, lucky numbers: 14,15

Pisces(19 February-20 March): Avoid any situation that takes you out of your comfort zone. Avoid any stressful situation. Instead, go into the chill zone today and indulge in some fun activity which makes you happy. Do not try anything new today. Lucky colour: Beige, lucky numbers: 99,03

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